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Flow packages by a pack of Flow coders

This is an incubator and repository for high quality packages that proved useful during development of Neos and Flow projects.

Our packages

Note: this is not a list of all packages, but highlights some of the more useful and complex packages.

Single Sign-on

With the Flowpack.SingleSignOn.Server and Flowpack.SingleSignOn.Client packages we offer a full featured single sign-on solution for Flow applications.


The Flowpack.Behat package provides integration classes for using Behat BDD tests in Flow applications.


With the Flowpack.ElasticSearch and Flowpack.ElasticSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor packages we offer integration with ElasticSearch for Flow applications as well as for Neos.


Christopher Hlubek (@chlu) and Robert Lemke (@robertlemke) started this. By now, a lot more people are involved. See the list of Flowpackers

Support or Contact

Commercial support of our packages is available (please get in touch with us). Use the Github issue tracker in the respective repositories for questions to the community.


Generally we license package under the MIT license, see the specific packages for detailed licensing information.